This is a 1000 ft2 treehouse built by Greg Milne, Doug Alan, and myself on a private property in Galena, IL. It is supported by 9 cedar and elm trees using a GL system for minimum damage to the trees. All supporting lumber was milled by John Eisbach, a neighbor to the land, who harvests the wood from his self-sustaining tree farm, and mills it in his on-site sawmill down the road. The treehouse is insulated with recycled cotton blue jean insulation, uses a solar panel on the roof for electricity, a pellet stove for heat, and a composting toilet. The window frames were custom fabricated by Quentin Shaw. The ceiling is stretched canvas between the joists and the interior walls are plastered with an earthen plaster. The treehouse is best in late afternoon when the last remaining rays of the sun filter in through the trees with a warm, deep glow.