Aeolian Flute

20′-0″ h x 8″ w  x 8″ d

PVC pipe, reclaimed park lamp post, hinge and spring, aluminum funnel, wind

Providence Harbor, RI

The sounding of the flute is a collaboration with the wind.  The flute is placed at Providence Harbor, 15 feet above the ground in India Point Park. Wind comes off of the bay at varying speeds and directions, depending on weather, time of day, tide and temperature.  When the wind blows hard enough, a visitor can rotate the orientation of the flute to catch the wind and transform it into 3 tones: a bass tone of A4, and its harmonics. The listening tube carries the sound down to the listener’s ear at ground level.

For centuries, people have played with the acoustics of the wind using aeolian harps, string instruments which are activated by the wind. We prefer the tambor of the open end tube, an aeolian flute- a wind instrument. We like for people to not just listen, but play with the wind.