Reclaimed Douglas Fir, baltic birch plywood


4′-0″l x 4′-0″w x 3′-6″ h Adobe, Lime plaster, Reclaimed bricks, Stone, Shells San Carlos Cultural Center for Nature and Art Sonora, Mexico This was a collaborative public sculpture project for the San Carlos Cultural Center for Nature and Art in Sonora, Mexico. I developed the design in collaboration with natural builder Adam Perry. We […]

Malachite Table

reclaimed Douglas Fir, crushed malachite, steel 43″ l x 23 1/2″w  x 28″ h

Hawk Wings

Reclaimed lath 32″ x 11′-0″

Land Chimes

Interactive sound installation EMT conduit pipe, sticks, topography 3 acre field Land Chimes is a musical translation of topography. 100 Vertical chimes rise out of a rolling landscape, the pitch of each chime determined by its particular elevation. Visitors are invited to walk among the chimes, strike each with a stick and experience the musical footprint […]


I love working with wood for so many reasons. It’s like a 4-D historical map, a living artifact that tells you stories of how it grew, where it grew, what happened while it grew, what else grew nearby.  Carving wood reveals layers of time and evidence of drama. It scars, it heals, it communicates like […]

Wheelbarrow Bench

Wheelbarrow bench Cherry, repurposed cart wheel 36″ x 14″ x 16″

Octagon Stool

Octagon stool Ash wood, reclaimed from the clutches of the emerald ash borer beetle 18″h x 16″ dia.

Cordwood Sauna

A sauna is a sacred structure.  We built this one using cordwood construction, a traditional natural building technique appreciated for its ecological and efficient use of local available resources, and high thermal mass. We built a concrete perimeter foundation, an oak and cedar post and beam structure, and pine cordwood infill. All the pine cordwood […]


This is a 1000 ft2 treehouse built by Greg Milne, Doug Alan, and myself on a private property in Galena, IL. It is supported by 9 cedar and elm trees using a GL system for minimum damage to the trees. All supporting lumber was milled by John Eisbach, a neighbor to the land, who harvests […]