Connecting Cultures Through Music
Interfaith Immigration and Refugee Ministries
in partnership with World Relief Chicago and Heartland Alliance, International Refugee Center

A ten session summer youth project with a specific anti-violence goal, to promote positive social interaction and communication, and building on the cultural and musical commonalities of the refugees. Co-taught with Charly Barbera. Our goals were to build self esteem and confidence in refugee and immigrant youth, empowering them with the ability to resist violence and negative behavior. The youth came from Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Liberia/ Sierra Leone. We worked with frame drums, conga, bass drum, percussion, movement and voice. Recording and engineering by Weldon Anderson. The second track, an Afro-Puerto Rican plena song was sung in Spanish by the youth, for whom English is already a very new second language.

1. Chango

2. Cortaron a Elena