I love to follow the trails of handclapping games are they are passed in the underground of childhood from place to place and generation to generation. These are from various neighborhoods around Chicago. It is especially interesting to compare the lyrics as they change from one neighborhood to another.

1. LAWNDALE: Homan Square Park



King Kong Leprechaun


Tweedle Deedle Dee (Rockin Robin)

Rules of Tweedle Deedle Dee (Rockin Robin)

Tweedle Deedle Dee 2

2. WICKER PARK: Pulaski Fine Arts Academy
Cuando Era Bebe

3. VARIOUS neighborhoods: as heard at Rush Children's Hospital
Candy Store

Mama's Havin a Baby

Mary Mack

4. ROGERS PARK: via Eritrea and Sierra Leone
Jordanos and Jatu are from Eritrea and Sierra Leone and were part of the Refugee Youth program where I taught over two summers. One day after Jugband class we sat around teaching each other handclapping games and storytelling.

Handlapping Eritrea (Jordanos)

Hands and Stories Sierra Leone (Jatu)